Through commitment and cooperation, creation of a comprehensive      and harmonious system is critically important, unifying all elements        in the recycling value chain through representation of the entire                spectrum of industry participants. Consequently, this will facilitate          the highest value of recyclables recovered for new manufacturing.

    Recycling, identified today as Sustainable Material Management by        the EPA, includes more focus on efficient recovery of material in                products and packaging used as feedstock for new manufacturing.            Currently, non-recyclable plastics undermine the value of recovered      material for suitable feedstock generation. The pivotal elements in          resolving this devaluation is inclusivly demanding  brand owners and      manufacturers adhere to The Association of Plastic Recyclers – APR      ,

Design Guide for Plastic Recyclability, In tandem, a mandate will be necessary to increase a much higher post recycled content in all single use plastic products and packaging. The result will facilitate full compatibility with all existing nationwide recycling systems. 

An unbiased and unified system would be created, eliminating any and all duplication, creating synchronization of all mechanical aspects. Additionally, it will establish a lucid universal user-friendly component for public education. Ignoring these defined parameters will continue perpetuation of non-recyclable products and packaging by stubborn brand owners and manufacturers; holding community’s hostage while continue  forcing citizens to pay unsustainable recycling fees.